Santa Venetia is a neighborhood of over 1,600 homes and is one of Marin’s best kept secrets with fantastic weather, natural beauty, quiet streets and a great community of people.

The Santa Venetia Neighborhood Association (SVNA) strives to preserve and promote the quality of life for the Santa Venetia community. This is achieved through encouraging healthy social interaction; facilitating the flow of information; and protecting the natural beauty and economic well-being of the community.

We invite you to join the SVNA! Support your community, meet your neighbors and help us to continue to protect and enhance the natural and economic stability of this wonderful community.

Follow this link to join the SVNA through BigTent: www.bigtent.com/groups/svna


Imminent end to our local chapter without your help!
Come to the Library Wednesday 4/26/17 at 4:30pm to help.

The Civic Center Chapter of the Friends of the Marin County Free Library was formed in 2000 to generate interest in and support for our local library branch. At the time, there was a move to close the Civic Center branch but local volunteers stepped in to successfully save our library. Today, we have only 2 out of 12 board positions filled (Treasurer Shelly Cooper and Communications Secretary Chris Owen). If a new President and hopefully 2 (at least) additional new board members are not identified before the next meeting, the Civic Center Friends Chapter will disband and become part of the County Friends. If the Civic Center Chapter disbands, our local chapter would still benefit from the County Friends efforts, receiving funds for Summer Reading and other programs, however the Civic Center Friends Chapter does support programs specific to our local branch and were there to be another closure threatm it would be unfortunate to not have this resource to back us up.

The Civic Center Friends President is responsible for communicating with the branch manager, conducting our quarterly meetings and finding volunteers for the third Thursday of the month at the Book Place in Novato (The Civic Center Friends currently receive 50% of the gross sales for third Thursdays). The President also attends County Friends meetings and submits quarterly news for the Library Leaves newsletter. The work of the Civic Center Friends Board is minimal: for the most part, we meet quarterly to approve expenditures. The financial side of things is handled by our sitting Treasurer and the membership and community outreach is primarily done by our Communications Secretary.

If you can make the time to meet for an hour or so every 90 days, please step up to keep this Chapter going. Our next meeting is scheduled for Wednesday 4/26/17 at 4:30pm in our Library Administration Conference Room #414.

For more information, email thechrisowen@yahoo.com and/or coopershelley50@gmail.com.


♦  Tuesday, June 6, 2017 at 7pm 

Join us for two presentations to keep Santa Venetia safe and healthy. First we welcome Jon Liang and Bene Da Silva who will discuss upcoming winter preparedness events in our Flood Control Zone #7 (FCZ #7) with a focus on vegetation maintenance and timber reinforced berm (floodwall) inspections. Next we welcome Dan Monte and the County Pesticide Reduction Coalition telling us about their new campaign to reduce the use of weed killing pesticides and provide home gardeners with alternatives – “Think before you spray”.

Most meetings include Working Committee presentations regarding our Watershed, Neighborhood Beautification, Social Activities, Traffic, Parks, and more… as time allows.

All residents welcome. Meetings are held at the Korean Presbyterian Church, 635 Adrian Way, at Rosal Way, in Santa Venetia.


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