Santa Venetia is a neighborhood of over 1,600 homes and is one of Marin’s best kept secrets with fantastic weather, natural beauty, quiet streets and a great community of people.

The Santa Venetia Neighborhood Association (SVNA) strives to preserve and promote the quality of life for the Santa Venetia community. This is achieved through encouraging healthy social interaction; facilitating the flow of information; and protecting the natural beauty and economic well-being of the community.

We invite you to join the SVNA! Support your community, meet your neighbors and help us to continue to protect and enhance the natural and economic stability of this wonderful community.

Follow this link to join the SVNA through BigTent: www.bigtent.com/groups/svna

Fun in the Neighborhood:

8th Annual Santa Venetia Halloween Party – October 29!


♦  Tuesday, October 5 at 6:30pm

No Parking on NSPR? / Restricted Parking in Santa Venetia?

Parking… It’s been a problem all over our neighborhood for years! And for the last few years, the cars and trucks parked on North San Pedro Road (NSPR), by La Brea, has doubled and tripled. We’ve had an ongoing problem with garbage and blight in this area, but most importantly, safety! Cars and trucks double-park and people and children walk along the narrow shoulder and cross the road with cars speeding by.

The SVNA has been meeting with our Supervisor and a Committee of interested neighbors recently held a meeting to come up with some suggested solutions. Join us Wednesday, October 5, 2016 at 6:30pm as we welcome Supervisor Damon Connolly and County Staff to discuss some possible solutions including:

  • No parking on NSPR between La Pasada and Vendola
  • Overnight parking ban for oversized commercial vehicles and RV’s throughout the community
  • Amendments to the 72-hour rule insuring cars are moved a distance away
  • Parking Permits for residents

♦  Tuesday, October 25 at 7pm 

Farmers’ Market, Marin Builders Association, and SVNA Board Elections

We will have something for everyone at our upcoming meeting. First, Christine Puccini of Marin Builders Association will join us to explain about their organization.  Christine will share “Why Join?” a short presentation about benefits to members.  And as a special treat, she will be bringing door prizes, “wonderful little bags filled with some Marin Builders fun”.  She will also waive their application fee to anyone who is interested in membership ($100 value) and/or to attend one of their quarterly events at no charge.

Second, join us as we once again welcome the Agricultural Institute of Marin – Brigitte Moran, Executive Director, and Vicki Buder, Chief Development Director, will be joining us with an update and to answer your questions about the San Rafael Civic Center Marin Farmers’ Market project. They too will be bringing some fun giveaways.

And finally, don’t forget that we hold our SVNA Board elections in October! If you are interested in joining the SVNA Board, please contact any Board member. If not, please come support your neighborhood members who do volunteer with your vote. And as well, the SVNA will have some prizes so please join us for a night of information and possible takeaways.

Most meetings include Working Committee presentations regarding our Watershed, Community Plan, Neighborhood Beautification, Social Activities, Traffic, Parks, and more… as time allows.

All residents welcome. Meetings are held at the Korean Presbyterian Church, 635 Adrian Way, at Rosal Way, in Santa Venetia.

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