Russ Greenfield


Every three years I would move – so I went to grade school in Novato – then 3 years in Norway – then returned to start high school at Novato High – my dad retired from the Air Force while I was still in high school, and I graduated in 1967. High school was changing year to year – 1964 Elvis was still King – 65 brought the Beach Boys – surfs up! – 66 the British Invasion in full swing – we were Mod – 67 the summer of love – Far out man. With the Vietnam War going on – I went to College of Marin and avoided the draft – then when my girl friend got pregnant (now my wife) I got married and found a job. That job was a subterranean engineer – or better known as “sewer worker” Yup – just like Art Carney in the Honeymooners –I stayed there for 34 years. In my first year there, 1971 – I moved to Santa Venetia – why? Mostly because it was affordable – but I learned to appreciate it. I enjoy playing baseball, riding dirt bikes and taking care of my grandson