Nicole Cibellis-Andrews


I am a mom and food writer. Originally from Southern California, my husband and I came to San Francisco in 1997. We thought we would be here for just 2 years but fell in love with the Bay Area and have never looked back. Upon finding out I was pregnant in 2007, we bought our first home here in Santa Venetia, because we loved the location and the proximity to China Camp—we are avid mountain bike riders, and we love to play outdoors. It was just after our son’s birth that a group of parents met in Pueblo Park for a Sunday picnic, and we could all get to know one another. This picnic has spawned all kinds of family events, camping trips, and get-togethers that have made our neighborhood such a wonderful home. I truly value that Santa Venetia is a place where kids can safely run down the street to their friends’ houses to play, and that our children will grow up together with parents who enjoy peace of mind knowing and trusting our neighbors. I feel truly blessed to have such down-to-earth and fun neighbors, and I am excited to give back by focusing on community-building and to be one of the many neighborhood voices for families and children.