Linda Levey


I am a California native and have lived in San Rafael almost my entire life. I went through the public school system here from San Pedro to Davidson to San Rafael High to College of Marin. Growing up in Marin County was quite a treat! I’ve been a Santa Venetian, and creek-side resident, since 1989. I was drawn to the area because of its beauty and serenity and hardly a day goes by that I don’t think to myself, “I am SO lucky AND happy to live here.” Since my teens, I have volunteered and been active in my community, so it was a natural progression to join the SVNA Board shortly after moving here. For me, my involvement and time invested is a way of “giving back” and expressing my appreciation and gratitude for all that I have and the joy I get from living here. For those of you who have never tried it, I recommend it highly! I am a self-employed business consultant and with my free time, I… (HA! What am I saying? I don’t have any free time). But if I did, I’d like to spend more time in my yard, visiting with my family and friends, tap dancing, crocheting, boating, and having my dog “walk me” around the levee.