Gina Tuosto Hagen

Vice President

I live with my husband and our two young children on the east end of the neighborhood. I work as a voice over artist and as a sales rep for my favorite comfort shoe company. My family and I love going on adventures through the neighborhood and China Camp, enjoying the diversity of people that live here as well as the incredible diversity of nature surrounding us. I’m also an Advisory Board member for CSA 18. I have chosen to volunteer on the SVNA and CSA 18 boards as a way to give back to our community.

As a Santa Venetia native, I’ve been able to enjoy the neighborhood throughout many stages of my life. I remember going to Tiny Tots for preschool followed by Gallinas Elementary. What fun it was to have classes taught by the biologist, storyteller and educator Ane Rovetta and to go for walks with Mrs. Terwilliger. They really instilled a great respect for nature in me, and boy did they make it fun to learn! I remember playing on the big cheese at Pueblo Park and riding bikes through Castro Park when it was an abandoned baseball field, there were no bridges along the marsh and there was a swing at old man Sanders’ place. Those were the days when parents would tell kids to go out and play, all day… Just make sure to come home by the time the lights came on, we never saw parents out at the parks unless someone was in big trouble.

Nowadays, it’s a rarity to see children out and about without a grownup, our parks serve as a meeting place for families, folks out to walk the dog or those just out for a stroll that want to connect with their neighbors. It’s really wonderful going to the same places I played when I was growing up, now with my own kids. I’ll continue looking forward to seeing plenty of smiling faces (some familiar, some new) whenever we’re cruising through the neighborhood.